to the hamster: “Alright, sit tight little guy.  If anyone gives you trouble, GO FOR THE EYES.” - Shepard

"She messed with my hamster, guys.  Now it’s personal." - Shepard

im totally serious, shepard and I have the exact same personality

me earlier today: “mother, make sure I dont play mass effect, cause once I start the first game, i wont stop till I finish the whole trilogy again and I dont have time for that right now”

me at this very moment: *playing mass effect*


make me choose: Lilith or Maya?

Lilith Dancing by udkcom (go check the video out, it’s really cute!)


the tables have turned


the tables have turned

Slade Wilson / Deathstroke in 2x19

Mercy, ser, mercy!

                                Were it that easy.

jonghyun throws his cap and ruffles his hair >/////<


and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile. because you’re evil. and you smiling like that generally doesn’t indicate anything good. i wouldn’t even call that smiling. it’s more like. smirking


Favourite Marvel Men: Wade Wilson / Deadpool